Virtual "Heart" Air Balloon Canvas Painting Workshop

Virtual "Heart" Air Balloon Canvas Painting Workshop

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Original Genes invites you to a Valentine's paint party


Learn how to paint this super cute Valentine's theme "Heart" Air Balloon picture on a canvas!

 Grab your lover or your bestie and join in on the fun!


- Live virtual instructor
- 11x14 Canvas 
- 3 paint brushes
- Acrylic Paint Set + extra white paint
- Our box also can become a mini easel or you can use it as a drop-mat to keep the surface clean 
Note: If you don't require a paint kit, choose "curbside pickup" upon checkout so you don't get charged for shipping. Just mak e sure you have all the supplies listed above!

PS: yes, this class is perfect for absolute beginners - no experience needed :)


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