Candle Making Workshop

Nothing feels more like the home than cozying up with in a scented candle. In this candles workshop, your group will learn how to make your very own scented candles right in your own home. 


Candle Making Workshop

Workshop details:
Learn the art of candle making right in your own home! A Candle Artisan will pay you a visit virtually and teach you the basics of candle making. While your candle is cooling, we'll chat about candle safety, different wax types & more. 

What guests will receive:

- Guests will receive a kit at their doorstep filled with all the materials needed to create a scented candle. 

What guests will need at home:

- access to a stove top & small pot



How to Book:

email with preferred event date, or call 647-988-7349

You can also reach us here through our contact form

 candle making workshop

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