Returns & Policies

Nice to see you here! If you've landed on this page, it means you have bought or considering to buy an OG jacket or other piece of OG clothing and for that, thank you! Seriously it means the absolute WORLD to us!

We just want to share with you a bit more about the creation process and also give you a heads up on how we operate.


1) Everything is HAND PAINTED

If you didn't know every OG item is painted by hand. That means the artist is taking the time to hand paint your piece as best as possible. With that said, anything that is made by hand will not be PERFECT although believe us, we are striving to make it as perfect as possible. Not every line will be 100% symmetrical to the other and if you are getting multiple items with the same design, they will not be 100% identical.

Once again, every thing is hand painted and not screen printed or ironed on. This is what give your jacket character and makes it one of a kind and completely unique.

If we are working off of an image such as your logo for example, we will try our best to match the photo as close as possible as we can but we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy as everything is done by hand.

The nature of hand painted designs is that each one is just a little different.

Here is an example: 

2) Everything is painted with a blend of acrylic and fabric paint and sealed with a fabric sealer

Yes your jacket will be water proof, no it will not be indestructible.

Think about our favourite band T that you wash in the washing machine, it cracks and fades over time right? That's exactly what will happen to your denim over time. It will not completely come off but it may faded and wear as you continue to wear it.

To keep it in the best condition, hand wash it only and lay flat to dry.

On the flip side, this means that when something is painted on to your jacket, it is permanent. If you change your mind on the placement of a design or want something removed, we are sorry but it will not be possible. Please be 100% of your approval of the mock up/image before you order.


3) Our jackets are PRELOVED

Yes, that means in nearly every case the jacket has been owned by someone else prior to you. Sometimes, the jackets are brand new but it will all depend on our stock level and how quickly we can find a jacket in your size.

All preloved jackets are washed and ironed before painted and sent off to it's new home. With any vintage item, there may be slight imperfections. For example: fading or minor distressing. We do our absolute best to pick the top of the top vintage denim for you but the fact of the matter is, it may have be worn before. 

Please note that due to differences in screen calibration and lighting, colours in garments may appear slightly different in real life but we do our best to make sure the colours are as accurate as possible. 

If you want to know the reasoning behind why we choose vintage, read more about the effects of denim in the environment here.

If you would like your jacket to be brand new, we encourage you to provide us with your own item. This way, you know where it came from and there won't be any second guessing!


4) We do not accept returns on any order that has been customized

Before you purchase your custom jacket, you will be given a digital mock up of the design for your approval. Once you approve that image and we paint the jacket, you will then be given a photo of the jacket before we ship it to you.

If you approve both of these steps, the jacket is non refundable. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but due to the work and time that goes into the jacket, we cannot accept any jacket that cannot be resold (AKA anything that has been customized for our customer.)

If you are unhappy with your item, we are more than happy to chat with you about it and work on a solution on how we can fix it.


Once again, THANK YOU for coming to OG and trusting us with your custom design!

Working with you means the world to us and there is so much love and effort that goes into every single piece that we create. We want you to love your product and be proud that you are wearing something 100% unique to you.