5 Reasons to Hire a Live On Site Customization Artist

When it comes to your business, don't underestimate the impact of adding personal touches to your products or your events. 

With the shift in the way people perceive art, handmade custom paintings have seen a surge in demand.

Painting in particular has the ability to communicate powerful messages and leave your customers and guests talking about your event for days (even years!) to come.

Incorporating illustration into your product design adds a human touch to the experience, adding to the excitement about your product or special day. 

So, why hire an painter versus using an alternative like engraver or handing out branded swag bags? Here’s a list of why thoughtful, commissioned painting has more value than these alternatives will ever provide, and why it’s worth the price tag:

1. It will differentiate you from competitors

Anyone can print their name on a notebook and hand it out. It takes a special mind to come up with a theme or branding story that can be translated through painting. 

It’s much more valuable as a brand to invest in painted work that was thoughtfully and strategically designed to have a unique association with your brand and goals. Hiring an painter will help your business stand out from the crowd while also creating brand awareness. Customers will remember walking into your store 

2. It will tell your brand’s unique story

Instead of simply adding your name or brand logo to an item, you can tell a story. You can choose the colours you would like the artist to use and what font/image best represents your brand to your customers.

Your brand’s story is unique and deserves to be communicated in an authentic way rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach. An painter will work with you to create a style and visual language that supports your brand’s message and unique personality.

3. It is "Instagrammable"

As much as we hate the term, it is undeniable that having an activation at your event that is worthy enough for guests to post on their instagram is amazing PR. Anything that gets more eyes on your brand and more followers means more opportunities for sales. Talk about "buzz worthy" !

4. Increases traffic

Watching someone paint live on the spot is impressive to nearly everyone. Most guests will stop and watch the painter as they create their custom masterpiece. You will have guests lining up to purchase an item to be customized and also have guests intentionally planning to visit the store. 

5. It will involve your direct input

 There is nothing that can replace directly speaking with a creator to brainstorm incredible ideas for your event. You’ll work together to come up with the best visual solution based on your business needs. Hiring a live painter is the opportunity for an inclusive, collaborative creative process.

Live On Site Customization Artist 

Whether you are planning a private event or public event, having a live on site artist will make your event memorable.

Original Genes offers custom live on site personalization in Toronto and the GTA (travel fees may apply). 

If you are looking for a live event customizer in Toronto, you can learn about Original Genes live event service here  or contact us directly to discuss your event.

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