6 Easy Hacks to Thrift Shop Like a Pro!

Thrift Shop

Thrift shopping is an awesome affordable way to shop trendy and sustainable. Enhance your wardrobe with second-hand steals that are great for you and even better for the environment! 

Check out our 6 easy hacks that will have you thrift shopping like a pro: 

  • Skip Saturdays, shop during the week
  • Weekdays are typically better for thrifting than weekends and that’s because thrift shops tend to be packed on Saturdays (pre-covid). Hit your local thrift store in the middle of the week when they aren't as crowded. Less people means more options for you!

    Pro Tip: Ask your thrift shop when they restock items, so you know the best day of the week to get your hands on the newest inventory.

  • Shop with an open mind
  • Truth is you're not going to find a hidden gem in your local thrift shop every time you embark on a thrifting haul -- some days may be a dud. So be smart about it! Shop with low exceptions and an open mind. PLUS make sure to come prepared with enough time to sift through over crowded clothing racks and find a piece that stands out from the rest. 

  • Try, then buy
  • It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of thrifting. Low cost clothing tends to set off a fire in most fashion obsessed people and that's totally normal! But be realistic with things you’re actually going to wear. It’s best practice to try on clothes before buying something new to avoid impulse purchases! It’s also a great way to inspect clothes for small holes or missing buttons you may have missed if you didn't try it on. 

    Our Advice - buy items you love that are also a great deal not just because of the low cost price tag!

  • Be open to DIY
  • It's a given the clothes you find at your local thrift shop won't be in pristine condition, after all you are shopping second-hand, but that doesn't mean you can't turn lightly used clothing into your dream outfit. Be open to adding your own touch of perfection to clothes you find on the rack and create insta-worthy outfits in the comfort of your own home. 

    Thrift stores are treasure chests filled with items ready to be upcycled and repurposed and it goes beyond just clothing - you can makeover furniture, frames and even lamps!

  • Shop basics and your favourites
  • Thrift stores have great basics that become staples in your wardrobe. Vintage denim (hello Levis) are a great piece of clothing to sift for at your thrift shop. Cardigans, graphic tees and even the occasional leather jacket are some of our faves to search for. Having an idea in mind before entering the store can make your thrifting experience a great one!

  • Thrift online
  • Online shopping is booming these days thanks to COVID-19 and thrift shopping is no exception! Skip in-store lines and get the same great steals! Thred -up, Depop and Poshmark are some of our fav online thrift shops you should check out. Great prices and organized categories make thrift shopping easier than ever. 

    Now that you’re equipped with our thrift shopping hacks you’re ready to get started! Shop sustainable, affordable and trendy with second-hand finds!

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    Written by Alyssa Prizzon

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