Acrylic Painting Tips



So you want to start painting! UH-MAZING. We LOVE to see it! If you are just starting out, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of supplies you can purchase and where to begin. Personally, at OG we love using acrylic paints & this is what we use to paint on jackets primarily. If you are just starting to begin painting, we have rounded up some quick tips you should know before you begin. 

Let us know if this helps!

Tip #1 Acrylic paint dries very quickly

Keep in mind that a thin layer of acrylic dries in a matter of a minute or two, while thicker strokes of paint can take a few additional minutes.

Tip #2 Less is more

A heavy layer of thick paint will almost guarantee ridges in your painting. Use only enough paint to cover the area you are painting.

 If you get a little too much on there, wipe it off with a damp cloth while the paint is still wet and start again.

Acrylic paint dries slightly darker so you may not need as much paint as you think to get the depth of color you are going for.


Tip #3 Don't press too hard (use a light hand)

Don’t use too much pressure when applying paint. Scrubbing your paint into the canvas will leave streaks and ridges as well as damage your brush.

 A light touch helps to glide the paint onto the surface in a smooth blending motion.

Tip #4 Don't keep brushing over the same area

Don’t keep brushing over the same area of wet paint. Apply your paint and blend if needed then let dry.

If it needs another coat you can go over the area once it is dried if you need to. This will minimize any brush strokes appearing in your finished painting.

Tip #5 Avoid runny paint

Sometimes certain colours of acrylic paint are thinner than others and can appear runny when you first put them on your mixing plate. This often happens in red pigments.

If you find that your paint is too thin, add a tiny drop of white paint and mix. (Don't add too much that will change the colour drastically)


If you're looking for some paint supplies, check out our page HERE. Each kit comes with a step by step pdf guide of some amazing paintings!


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