5 Reasons Why Painting is the Perfect Quarantine Activity (And Why It Is Really Good For You)

Creating art has many benefits, even if you don't consider yourself "good at it." If you haven't picked up a paint brush before, there are many reasons why you should. Especially during lockdown when we are all looking for a creative hobby, painting is an easy and fun activity we can all do!

Here is a list of some of the benefits of learning to paint and how it can enhance your life:


1. Decrease Stress

Staying at home sounds easy, but after a year of it, we all know how stressful it can be! Art therapy has been an increasing practice in the last few years and for a good reason, painting helps you manage and reduce stress levels. Painting lets you enter your own little world of creating and allows you to escape the daily stressors that take up your mind.

2. Minimal Equipment and Cost

Painting requires minimal equipment, all you need is a canvas, brush and paint. All of these can be found at your local dollar store or conveniently here in this paint kit that can be shipped right to your door.

Some of the best artists only use a pen and paper!

3. Painting is fun

Be honest, how much if your day is scripted? I bet that nearly every second of your day is assigned to some sort of task like working or cooking. Painting is 100% your choice and can be done when you want to! Taking up a hobby like painting was like a breath of fresh air and can be quite liberating.

Fun doesn’t seem to be a good enough reason. But it really, really is.

4. Painting challenges your mind

Painting is challenging but in a good way. Participating in complex activities creates new connections between brain cells, leading to an increase in productivity and resilience.

5. Painting is a great activity to do with friends

Why not try something new with friends? Even though we are all inside, painting is one of the activities that translates well over zoom. Lucky for you, having a virtual paint event is quite easy. Just tell everyone to gather their own supplies or shop them here and join a video call while painting together. You can even contact us to host an event for your group.

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