Reasons Why Your Virtual Events Are Actually Beneficial to You And Your Employees

With Toronto going into "3rd" wave of COVID (I'm sure we're all getting sick of hearing this) it may be time to accept that live events may not be back for a very long time. 

So, what is your company doing to keep employees engaged and improve mental health and wellness in the meantime?

It is no surprise that as companies large and small look for ways to facilitate strategic growth, virtual events have emerged as a way to foster connections, build community and share information. It is a way to bring remote attendees together to discuss, engage, learn and re-energize.

If you're not sold on the idea yet, here are some reason's why considering a virtual event for your employees is a good idea:

Virtual events have no max capacity

We no longer have to have multiple events within a company to consider the employees you may have on the East coast vs West. With virtual events, your company can have a much greater reach and open up the opportunity for more people from all around the world to attend. Instead of putting efforts towards considering the amount of tables you need in a room or how you will move your crowds of guests through an event space, we can now put all the focus on the content of the event and ensuring your guests have a great time at home.

Virtual events are cost efficient

Overhead costs, such as travel and hotel fees, are eliminated when hosting virtually. Instead, you now have access to entry level priced activities such as paint nights or gift cards. You also have access to speakers and talent without worrying about their in person rates, as well as savings in terms of travel and rider requirements. 

 High-profile appearances have proven to be invaluable at events of all kinds—virtual options make it easier for the answer to be "yes," cutting time commitment and costs. 

By saving all of the costs for entertainment, hotels and travel you can now focus on increasing guest's experience and in turn, attendance has the freedom to flourish. 

Virtual events show your employees you care

When you host a virtual event with your employees or even your clients, you are showing to them that you are committed to their health and well being during tough times and are finding ways to show them they are important.

By connecting with your employees during this crisis, you will increasing exposure and connection with them (at a low cost as well - bonus!)

Virtual events provide opportunity to increase employee health and wellness

Let's face it, being stuck at home sounded great for the first few weeks of lockdown but after 1 whole year (can you believe it) being stuck inside will have taken a toll on your mental health. Stressed employees are not productive ones and that's why it is in your organization's best interest to try their best to keep their employees happy and stress fee.

Of course, physical movement is a great way to start. A lot of individuals have given up or just don't have the space indoors to move the way they would have in a gym. They made need an extra kick to get moving or have the opportunity to join a community with like minded people. A great idea for something like this is a virtual yoga class. You can even pair the activity with a creative activity like a paint night to get the creative juices flowing as well.

Virtual Paint Party 


If you are looking for ideas for a virtual event for your employees, OG has you covered. From paint nights to virtual candle making classes, we will do all of the leg work for you. Contact us to get started.

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