What is Ethical, Sustainable Fashion and Why Does it Matter?




The fashion industry is booming and this is true now more than ever! If you’re an avid fashion consumer, you’ve probably heard the term ‘sustainable fashion’ before and possibly ‘ethical fashion’ too,  but do you know what true ethical sustainability really means? As trendy, fashion forward consumers, it's up to us to choose where we shop and who we support wisely. 


What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainability in fashion refers to clothing production that minimizes harmful effects on the environment. Sustainable clothing brands use eco-friendly factories and recycled textiles. As a consumer, being sustainable means making a conscious effort to reduce excessive spending on fast-fashion clothing, and instead opt for pre-loved items or eco-friendly fabrics. 


What is Ethical Fashion?

Ethical clothing brands aim to reduce negative impacts on people, animals and the environment. Ethical fashion considers the rights of workers and the impact clothing production has on the world around us.



Why Should You Care About Ethical, Sustainable Fashion?

The fashion industry is a leader in environmental destruction. Tons of natural resources are needed to manufacture clothing and discarded clothes leach harsh chemicals into the environment. Not to mention, the fashion industry has a terrible reputation of unsafe working conditions and low paying wages for factory workers. 

Fast-fashion is a huge culprit when it comes to environmental impact, but ultimately it comes down to the consumers who choose to buy low-quality clothing, designed to be thrown out and repurchased. 


Choosing ethical, sustainable clothing items means choosing to;

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint.
  2. Invest in fair trade. 
  3. Become environmentally and socially conscious 


It’s a myth that shopping sustainable means shopping expensive. Shop local and pre-owned to make your first steps toward fashion sustainability.


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Written by Alyssa Prizzon

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